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Our coaching helps you learn more about yourself and focus on your own vision to help you reach your full potential..
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2_The Way We COach

We guide our students to reach their full ability with interdisciplinary, creative and effective techniques..
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3_The COaches

Student Coaching works with internationally renowned coaches as well as business and psychology professionals...
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4_Count me in, Coaching!

Interested? Drop us a line!
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

Individual Coaching

5 Mentor Questions

  • What is my vision? How am I able to achieve it?
  • Does my current behavior help me to reach my goals?
  • What has to be done today in order to achieve what I want to achieve?
  • Will I accept the consequences if I am not doing anything?
  • Who is in charge of everything?

The individual coaching sessions enable the students to work on their personal questions and challenges.

The Students…

  • … will be strengthened in their visionary, decision-making and implementing powers
  • … will learn about effective planning methods that help to achieve goals
  • …will use and deepen their own potentials with the help of special testing methods
  • …will acquire skills to increase their leadership and self-leadership competence

Individual coachings can either be conducted

  • in a personal meeting and/or
  • via skype/telephone

and can be agreed individually with the coach.

The first conversation is free of charge! Book 10 individual coaching sessions and you will get a free hour of coaching!

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