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Our coaching helps you learn more about yourself and focus on your own vision to help you reach your full potential..
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2_The Way We COach

We guide our students to reach their full ability with interdisciplinary, creative and effective techniques..
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3_The COaches

Student Coaching works with internationally renowned coaches as well as business and psychology professionals...
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

StuNET Be Connected - Start Networking!

Despite the fact ‘networking’ has become a buzzword, its appropriate meaning is mostly forgotten.


By definition, networks are the interlinks between people. Communities help build innate strengths, they help guide is and provide access to knowledge. We may look to our networks when in need of help, to extend social ties, and to find the comfort only groups may bring. An individual may draw varifold use from a group, just as the group will find many a use for individual skill.


Our workshop Be Connected – Start Networking! seeks to embed individuals in the extended networks we are part of, as well as to strengthen those ties, already existing.

  • For students targeting success
  • Find relevant contacts in groups and extended social spheres
  • Information and access to relevant networks in Austria
  • Get ahead in student life, in business, and in personal interactions