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Our coaching helps you learn more about yourself and focus on your own vision to help you reach your full potential..
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2_The Way We COach

We guide our students to reach their full ability with interdisciplinary, creative and effective techniques..
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3_The COaches

Student Coaching works with internationally renowned coaches as well as business and psychology professionals...
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4_Count me in, Coaching!

Interested? Drop us a line!
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

Student comments on StudentCOaching:

“The first workshop was really well organized. At the beginning we worked on a personality test and then all the students were defining their goals. What a dynamic and interactive first coaching!“

“I really liked the relaxed attitude between the students. I didn’t have a problem speaking in front of everybody”

“The Wheel of Life is a great enrichment exercise. You find out about your weaknesses and are really motivated to fill out the wheel completely, or at least not let it run in a “bumpy” way”

„We discussed the topic „studies“ in a very interesting and cherishing way – something which is really lacking at the University of Vienna”

“Instead of delaying to solve my problems, I try to solve them right away”

“What I have learned at the coaching is to set my priorities differently”

“The coaching has supported me in using my time wisely and gave me a better and wider understanding on how to reach my goal”

“I have organized my thoughts and always tried to keep my goal in mind”

“I really enjoyed presenting the strategies that helped me to achieve my goal. I knew exactly what I had already accomplished and what still needed to be improved”

“What I have learned here does not only have a positive impact on my studies but on my whole life”