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1_About Student COaching

Our coaching helps you learn more about yourself and focus on your own vision to help you reach your full potential...
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2_The way we COach

We guide our students to reach their full ability with interdisciplinary, creative and effective techniques...
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3_The COaches

Student Coaching works with internationally renowned coaches as well as business and psychology professionals...
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

The Way We COach

StudentCoaching guides students to reach their full ability with the help of interdisciplinary, creative and effective techniques like:

  • visualization, systemic structural constellations
  • solution-focusing
  • storytelling, goal setting, wheel of life
  • STAB-test, conflict questionnaire, personal performance test
  • planning methods, time management
  • vision board, triad
  • decision-making techniques, implementing techniques
  • affirmations, mentoring
  • feedback, evaluation

 StudentCOaching structures the process effectively with the help of:

  • workshops
  • individual coaching sessions
  • business etiquette training
  • buddy programs