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1_Was ist coaching

Coaching fokussiert "learning from inside"  und schließt Gaps zwischen persönlicher Vision, persönlichen Potenzialen und dem Status quo...
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2_Wie wird gecoacht?

Mit interdisziplinären, kreativen und wirkungsvollen Methoden erhalten Studenten/innen Klarheit über ihre Potenziale, ihre persönlichen Ziele... 
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3_Wer coacht?

Studentcoaching arbeitet mit aus­ge­wäh­lten, hoch­ka­rä­ti­gen inter­nat­ionalen Coaches und Trainer/innen aus Wirt­schaft und Psychologie... 
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4_Ich will Coaching!

Neugierig geworden? Dann nimm Kontakt zu uns auf!
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

Jonathan McGuinness

Jonathan will strive for more endlessly. His goal is to create
enabling relationships and environments wherever he travels. Jonathan
is 'European' and has lived in the British Isles, Scandinavia, the
Germanic and the Latin Countries. Jonathan's experience has been in
transforming organisations through integrations and movements of
business processes and technologies allowing companies to be both more
effective and efficient. He works with multi-national teams
distributed over multiple locations, communicating effectively while
supporting change in global organisations in Technology, Mobile and
Banking industries. His passion is bringing children and executives to
question their behaviour and environment in ways that bring
improvements to their lives!


  • Successfully project managed over 50 individual companies through the transformation from a divestment into a Joint Venture Shared Services Organisation
  • Audited legal & compliance projects for major financial institutions
  • Turned around the trust level and the performance of a outsourced contract between world famous companies
  • Project managed the enterprise logistics for one of the world most global companies
  • Real-time real world experience in globally distributed and multi vendor environments for project delivery



  • Degree in Software Engineering and Physics
  • Trained as a Project Manager and having worked through multiple methodologies
  • Trained as Coach through NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt, Emotional Intelligence, and continuing updates.



Email: jonathan.mcguinness(at)
Telephone: U.K. +44 1983 861034