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1_Was ist coaching

Coaching fokussiert "learning from inside"  und schließt Gaps zwischen persönlicher Vision, persönlichen Potenzialen und dem Status quo...
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2_Wie wird gecoacht?

Mit interdisziplinären, kreativen und wirkungsvollen Methoden erhalten Studenten/innen Klarheit über ihre Potenziale, ihre persönlichen Ziele... 
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3_Wer coacht?

Studentcoaching arbeitet mit aus­ge­wäh­lten, hoch­ka­rä­ti­gen inter­nat­ionalen Coaches und Trainer/innen aus Wirt­schaft und Psychologie... 
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4_Ich will Coaching!

Neugierig geworden? Dann nimm Kontakt zu uns auf!
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Link zu stu4you-Angebot

Tony Fonderson

Tony has always had a fascination for how things work, and holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has over 20 years experience designing and working with Computers and protecting Intellectual Property. 
As a result of a life-changing event when he was 11 years old, he became a lifelong Learner, with his passion leading him to studying the most complex computer of all  the human brain.  Tony now coaches and teaches people peak performance habits to help them achieve their personal and professional goals better, faster, and with less human effort. He does this by helping people identify and remove  personal obstacles that stop them from moving forward, and sharing cutting edge techniques that accelerate their successful journey towards emotional, physical, and financial fulfillment. 

"Tony is a very passionate presenter and his energy is huge. I am truly thrilled & entertained while being in his presentation, and I have learned new things from him."        
--- Iris T, Singapore

"Tony is someone who has taken his passion for people, his love of learning and personal growth, and married it with his business and relationship skills to create a powerful combination.... I would hire Tony as a Coach or Speaker at any event of mine."
--- Rory C, USA